Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

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Re: Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

Thanks, too bad there are no local stores carrying it, that's why I kept asking questions. Maybe I should rent one and try it.

tnj86 wrote:

Syracuse wrote:

Thanks. After I thought it over, if you carry XP1, 35, and 60, they are almost equivalent to D700, 50 1.4G, 85 1.8G. The difference in weight is big, but the difference in size is not much. Am I right ?

I thought the same thing but turns out I was wrong. The difference in the numbers might theoretically seem small but in the hand and in the bag it was enough of a difference for me to justify keeping the xpro-1. My D800 has not been used for non-commercial assignments since I purchased the xpro-1. That being said I purchased the xpro-1 only 2 weeks ago, so YMMV, IMHO, etc, etc. I spent the last 8 days in Denver and Chicago shooting architectural assignments and the xpro-1 went everywhere with me when I had down time and the D800 stayed in the hotel room in the bag. You know what they say about the best camera for the job, it's the one you have with you. I highly recommend trying the camera out first though, it's not for everyone.

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