Pls suggest a macro lens for somebody new to macro photography

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Re: Pls suggest a macro lens for somebody new to macro photography

So finally after a lot of research decided to get the tamron 60mm F/2 Di II [IF] LD lens and LA-EA1 or LA-EA2 adapter. The reason is apart from macro work this lens is good for taking portraits.

Now before i go ahead and purchase this combo (tamron 60mm with the LA-EA1) just wanted to make sure all the features except auto focus work.i.e you get full aperture control , you can set shutter speeds etc ,etc. Any other thing i should know abt ?

And if i get LA-EA2 with this lens would i get auto focus as well? Heard that some lenses like the ones with screwdrive AF don't auto focus with LA-EA2 (although if i am not wrong this one uses a motor similar to Sony's SAM).Although auto focus may not be important for macro work i would love to have auto focus for portraits so that instead of worrying abt focus i can spend my energy worrying abt composure. Only trouble is LA-EA2 is not available in my country and if i order it frm abroad i won't be gettin any warranty.So is it worth the risk to import this adapter ?? Also read a fw reviews stating manual focus is not that easy with this lens.

Now are there more than one variation of this lens ? In some sites this lens is listed as 60mm F/2 Di II and others as 60mm F/2 Di II [IF] LD.

Okay so many questions but i want to avoid last minute nasty surprises.I don't want to spend a considerable amt of money and then find out the above setup is incompatible with my nex 3.

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