Why are my speedlights so dumb?

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Re: Yes, joke - and not the funny kind

Just to set the record straight, I don't care about Carlin, Gallagher, or getting either one correct.

DRode wrote:

Just to set the record straight, you incorrectly attributed the quote below to me.

Spooner wrote:

DRode wrote:

... very entertaining in George Carlin, 'smash some fruit on stage' kind of way.

Just to set the record straight, George Carlin never used props that I'm aware of, and never fruit. For that, you're thinking of Gallagher.

George Carlin didn't need props - he had all he ever needed in his mind and his mouth. George Carlin was also not a comedian. He was one of the greatest commentators and philosophers of the 20th century, especially regarding the English language, religion, and general human behavior.


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-Dan Rode

Art is not real. Art is an artifice, an invention, the product of the imagination and the creativity of the artist. In short, expecting art to faithfully duplicate reality is a misconception, a misunderstanding of the very purpose of art. - Alain Briot

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