OM-D Screwy IBIS ?

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Re: Whole thing is nuts to me.

Well, here's the thing ... I'm not gripping it so tightly like as if someone is trying to wrestle the cam away from me. Also, even if I relax my grip, while EVF is still resting below my eye, the problem still occurs, but with varying levels of vertical shake in the photo.

Using the same technique, i can get sharp photos without IS at the same settings. Using the same technique, i can get sharp photos with IS, but at much slower shutter speeds like 1/10 ... so something must be going wonky somewhere for this problem to occur at around 1/80-1/125 ...

Yes, we get it, you can't reproduce this issue. Why ? Beats me, there are too many variables at play here.

I am now waiting for Olympus Japan to look into this issue, and get back to Olympus Malaysia with some kinda response hopefully within a week or so.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

The IBIS works amazingly. If holding it in a vulcan death grips messes it up, well, simple, don't.

Can't make mine misbehave.

Dan Marder wrote:

The absence of any comment by Richard Butler on this long and important thread seems uncharacteristic. Based on personal experience - two cameras, identical results - I believe Olympus comment would be appropriate. Superb product vs. pretty paper weight, which is it? I've wasted considerable time (and some $) understanding and quantifying what might well be a gross design failure (wrt IBIS). Enough. Love the camera, but useless to me as is, i.e. if only available with image destabilizer.

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