issues with non-glare acrylic

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Re: issues with non-glare acrylic

I've put in considerable time on trying to track down more info about optium, the museum level acrylic. There are actually two versions of optium, 'optium museum acrylic' and 'optium acrylic.' Both are fantastically expensive, and I'm not sure why the non-museum version even exists, since it seems to have most of the properties of the musueum version, although it only comes in one thickness. You can find technical info on both products at the http://www.true-vuecom website.

I can't find anyone that sells optium over the internet. It is so expensive, wholesaling at around $750 for a 4' X 8' sheet that no one wants to stock it. I got a price from Beard's, one of the larger local frame shops with several stores around Portland, Oregon. I wanted 31" X 23" to frame a 17" X 25" print. They quoted me $221 for museum glass and $406.43 for the museum optium. When I called many of the smaller shops, they either couldn't get optium or basically told me I'd have to order the whole sheet, which would probably be around $1000 or more. It's obviously not something they work with much, because of the price, and again, they don't want to buy the sheet at that price and have it sitting around in the warehouse with a big piece cut out of it for several years.

Anyway, looks like it's only an option if cost isn't much of concern to you. I did get one quote for museum glass down around $150, and I may just go with that. My impression from looking at the forums is that people have used museum glass but not the optium. If anyone does have any experience to relate with it, I'd be curious about the product. It's certainly spendy and hard to track down. Forget trying to order a piece over the internet. I certainly haven't had any luck finding a site that sell it.

I did discover you should read spec sheets. The optium fact sheet warns you NOT to use standard acrylic cleaners on it.

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