Who misses the Phil A days ?

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Re: Who misses the Phil A days ?

Phil Askey wrote:

Well the first reason is personal preference on the camera interface...I like the big Canon control wheel.

Agree with that one. If I do end up with the D800 the control wheel may well be one of the things I miss most from Canon bodies.

Having shot with the M9 I know I don't really need more than 18-20 mp for anything I do so sacrificing photosite size (and technically therefore higher sensitivity performance) for pixel count I won't use (and the 40 MB NEFs).

I tend to look at the 36mp option as an optional feature, rather than as a permanent one. The D800 has many more interesting features than mere resolution. If I get the Nikon, I'll probably shoot mostly JPG's at lower pixel-counts, using the full 36mp's as NEF's when I need it. And generally (I probably learnt it from you) I also agree that smaller pixels = potentially noisier high-ISO's...but you'll be hard pushed to find M9 ISO-6400 samples that look as good as these developed D800 NEF's:


All that said I still love my Leica glass and will continue to use the M9 regularly.

Do you enjoy black-n-white photography? If so I bet you're looking forward to trying the Leica Monochrome out The camera market is very interesting nowadays, with the Monochrome, SD1, mirrorless systems & large-sensor compacts all offering niche options we never had not so long ago. Even Ricoh are offering something different, tho' it is a rather odd system.

Maybe you could write an article for DPR on your use of the M9 (not a review, but a Luminous Landscapes-style essay)....I'm sure there will be many interested readers.

@Gordon W,

while I can understand the logic in your post, it's the same thinking we heard from DSLR users just as live-view, and then video, was beginning to get introduced. This kind of thinking perhaps doesn't quite appreciate how the market has developed since the Canon 5DII and Panasonic GH1 changed how users, clients & marketeers view photography & videography. It's all about the large sensors, interchangeable lenses and shooting videos in the style of a photographer. Thus dedicated video cameras don't count, as they don't have large sensors & don't offer a large selection of lenses. And the ones that do are priced in 5 figures.

As the leading photography gear-site, DPR should accommodate how affordable consumer cameras with large sensors and fully-flexible systems have created an entirely new market.

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