Anyone moved from a D200 to a D7000??

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Randy Z Senior Member • Posts: 2,559
Re: Anyone moved from a D200 to a D7000??

I still love my D200 but the D7000:

Is much lighter.

Has 2 wonderful complete settings recalls, and for P, S and M as well.

Resolution to freak you out, even cropped and blown up to 20x30".

Shadow recovery that I still don't believe, every time - worth the price right there.

High-iso low noise that will astound even at 3200, if you're coming from the D200, which definitely does not astound at 800.

Far more accurate color (in "neutral" and "portrait" picture controls) (though there is something about the D200's warm tendencies that I still love in certain settings)

The 7000 doesn't love the 18-200 the way the D200 does, but it does love the inexpensive 18-55 kit lens and my old primes, as well as the 35mm 1.8.

Did I mention that it's much lighter :)?

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