From 7D to 5D Mark III

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
tko Forum Pro • Posts: 12,186
the lock mechanism is the best ever

Shooting in an all out environments, sports in up to 6 rings, two bodies, 2000 photos a day, the mode wheel would get bumped. And in the heat of battle I wouldn't notice.

With the 5dIII, no problem. Maybe on of the single biggest improvements ever. Shame on Canon for taking so long.

In my opinion you should have the ability to lock every single "setting" control on the outside. Except the ones that directly take the photo. Just link the lock on the big wheel to the other settings. Maybe a menu setting that determines how much to unlocked. I'd even like to have the aperture wheel lockable (software ignored.) Somehow I got 20 photos off at F8 when they should have been F1.8.

But I agree. The 5d is an easy learning curve. Just picked it up and started shooting. Haven't looked at the manual yet. Except for the stupid magnification button

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