Who misses the Phil A days ?

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Re: Who misses the Phil A days ?

dholl wrote:

Canon 5D Mark III

interesting that you went for the Canon in face of the obscenely-tempting D800. I'm still umming & arring...for me (someone who films in dark clubs) the 5DIII's biggest strength over the D800 is its cleaner video from ISO-6400. With the D800 you'd probably need the direct HDMI-out and skillful post-processing to match the Canon's output in those higher ISO-ranges.

Well the first reason is personal preference on the camera interface (after many years of using both Nikon and Canon I like the big Canon control wheel). Having shot with the M9 I know I don't really need more than 18-20 mp for anything I do so sacrificing photosite size (and technically therefore higher sensitivity performance) for pixel count I won't use (and the 40 MB NEFs). System wise I have no preference, having used both extensively.

All that said I still love my Leica glass and will continue to use the M9 regularly.

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