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Re: My choice after trying many different ones...

Earthlight wrote:

hotdog321 wrote:

+1 Those Logitech lighted keyboards are just great! I bought the wired model last year because I hate batteries, but this is the best keyboard I've ever owned.

Funny coincidence, I bought just that keyboard on 2 Dec 2009, see my post above.

It is a good keyboard indeed. Mine has now developed a little problem where the enter key does not always register. But it has been a pleasure to use. I wrote a good bit of my PhD thesis with it.

Now I just want to finally try a good mechanical. I'll take my Logitech illuminated to the office and see how long until the enter stops working altogether.


You may be able to swap the electrical bits of the Enter key with a rarely used one if you're handy with a screwdriver.

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