X-Pro 1....Update firmware to Ver 1.01

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Re: X-Pro 1....Update firmware to Ver 1.01

To copy the file on the Mac do the following:
1. click on the download icon on the fuji support website.

2. It will several minutes to complete and the process will appear in the little drop down icon in the top right hand corner of the Safari screen.

3. Go to Finder and look under one of you root directories for a file called Downloads. that same file should be there.
4. Be sure to use the camera to format an SD card to clear it (erase all data).
5. Insert the SD card in your Mac.

6. In Finder drag the downloaded file to the name of the SC card drive that appears in the left column.
It will copy the file on to the card
7. Push the eject symbol for the SD card.

8. Insert the SD card back into the camera and follow the above instructions for updating the firmware. Have a fully charged battery.

9. Holding the back button while turning the camera power on will bring you to the update screen. It will ask do you want to update to the new firmware number and if it is for the body or the lens. Be sure to do the body and lens updates as two separate by identical processes using each of the firmware updates supplied on the Fuji site.

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