Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

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Re: Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

If both cameras register the same amount motion blur proportionately to each camera’s resolution (i.e. higher resolution = more blurred pixels), then motion blur will be more evident on the higher MP image if both images are viewed at 100%. The same would apply if your compared a 36 MP image and a downsized 12 MP image from the same camera. I agree that it has nothing to do with what camera you use, but rather how large you view the image, which is the point I have been trying to make all along.

If someone bought the D800 with the intention of using the full 36 MP image, then I think this someone would benefit from being aware of this fact. In "normal" use, however, I'm sure there is nothing to worry about, as it is after all better to have the extra pixels and not use them than it is to not have them at all (all else being equal, of course).

Andre Affleck wrote:

itzhak_ wrote:

I'm sorry, I really don't see what you're getting at. Let's say that there is no motion blur whatsoever in this specific image. Does that prove that when viewing a higher MP image at 100% you don't need higher shutter speeds in general than if you had a lower MP image?

I've stated that I think this image is great in terms of sharpness even at 100%, but that doesn't really disprove the myth because it could be that the shutter speed, VR, and handholding abilities of the OP could handle the increased demand.

Either way, if the point of this discussion is to disprove a myth, then we should talk about the principles involved rather than one specific good example. I don't think anyone has claimed that you can't produce sharp images with the D800 viewed at 100%, but rather that it would be somewhat more demanding than if you had fewer MP.

See this post for a controlled test showing the affects of motion blur on high vs. low res sensors:

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