EPL-2 Infra Red conversion questions

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Re: EPL-2 Infra Red conversion questions

Antara wrote:

He explained to me, as do the videos, that if you get the 590 (extreme color)
option, you can easily Photoshop to get all the other options.

this is often stated, but it isn't true. Photoshop can NEVER get the same result as a native filter of say 950nm; but maybe, depending on the subject/situation, for some people the result will be 'close enough'. I have worked with several different IR cameras, and a huge range of IR filters; I don't have experience with EPL-2, I think it won't be much different there. There is a limit to what you can do with PP.

If you know that you prefer the dramatic BW infrared images, IMHO it is better to take an 830nm conversion right away (you also will get sharper IR images that way, compared to images taken with a relatively broad band of IR). If you are unsure and want to experiment with IR yes, go for the extreme color or something similar (for many 700-720nm would be flexible enough).

One other point: a major advantage of full spectrum conversions is that one can also do normal photography, using a front-mounted IR-blocking filter. This saves one the cost and weight/size of carrying two different camera bodies (one for IR, and one for normal visible light). The catch with this is that good external IR blockers are expensive, and they don't work well with WA lenses (hue shift in the corners). With m43 the bodies are small and relatively cheap compared to the conversion cost, so I would rather carry two separate bodies than a full spectrum kit with some extra filters.

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