G1X + 250D = Blurry Pics? ☆ NO !!! (PICS)

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Marco Nero
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G1X Settings + Using the 250D (also, More PICS)

Chris DeVeau wrote:

Wow! Marco, these shots are amazing! And the bee!!! Are you using the Lensmate filter adapter or Canon?
Btw, if you have time would you consider posting ALL your in-camera settings?

I believe you use +1 for contrast, sharpness and color. What about DR correction? It would just be good to know.

Again, great work!

Hi Chris,
I set my G1X up as follows:

  • My Colors:

  • Color +1

  • Sharpness +1

  • Contrast +1

Exposure Compensation Dial: - 01 (just one click. Not a full stop.)

ISO: Auto (it loves defaulting to ISO 800 but that's no problem)
White Balance - Auto
DR Correction: Auto
AF-Point Zoom: OFF
Servo AF: OFF
Continuous AF: ON
AF-assist Beam: OFF (because my cats hate it)
MF-Point Zoom: ON
Safety MF: ON
Spot AE Point: CENTER
Review: 3 Sec.
Review Info: OFF
Blink Detection: OFF
Image Stabilizer: Continuous
Powered IS: ON
Shortcut Button: (ND Filter)

  • Filter Mount is the Canon FA-DC 58C Filter Adapter

  • Canon 250D (in 58mm thread) was used for these pictures.

For Post Processing, I occasionally use a very subtle blend of settings:
Lightroom 4 : Sharpness +1, Noise/Color Noise (reduction) +2, Saturation +1.
Photoshop CS2 : I would normally re-size to 1536 pixels wide.

I usually use P-Mode on the G1X but if I want deeper DOF, I'll select Av-Mode. If the subject is likely to move, I will select Tv-Mode and speed up my shutter speed to 1/80thsec or higher. In low light, I can shoot about 1/10th sec by hand.

Just in case you thought the first shot was a bit of a fluke... here's the other one I snapped. The first one in my original post was more interesting because the little bee appeared to be more pensive. Also, the focus was just a little sharper on the hairs on his body. The second shot (below) possibly had a slight shift on the focus as I was crouched down using the flip-LCD to frame the shot on the ground in front of my car.

G1X - 1/640s f/5.6 at 54.7mm iso800 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • A very tight closeup of those Radioactive Uranium Glass Balls.

I chose not to post this one among the pictures in the original post because it's a little soft in appearance.
G1X - 1/8s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso800 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

This Strong-Bokeh effect is achieved when you use maximum zoom with the 250D on the end of the lens. You can also see it below in this picture taken in the same little patch of grass that the bee was photographed in: (I did post this a few days back on another thread).

  • Tiny flower blooming on the last day of Autumn. (posted previously)

G1X - 1/320s f/5.6 at 41.3mm iso800 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • Dandelion... just a few inches to the right of that bee... in sunlight.

G1X - 1/1000s f/5.6 at 54.7mm iso800 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

The 250D Closeup Filter sits on the end of my G1X all the time now. I just twist it off when I want to take a "normal picture" without it. Be CAREFUL though. I was photographing that mushroom and had not tightened the 250D onto the filter mount ring because I was worried it might not easily be removed from the filter mount ring. I was walking through tall grass and about to photograph a 200 year old cottage when I felt something tap my shoe. It was the 250D! It had fallen off as I walked... Completely unscrewed itself from the filter ring. Imagine if I was standing on cement or if I'd lost it in the tall grass!?

Fro those who missed it: Here's that mushroom I found in the grass... you can tell by the bokeh blur that I was using some zoom when i took this shot:

  • Wild Mushroom... in the last bit of afternoon light. (posted previously)

G1X - 1/80s f/5.0 at 39.7mm iso320 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • Delicious Prawns for my lunch at a seafood restaurant 3 weeks ago. (Birthday lunch!) (posted previously)

G1X - 1/400s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso800 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • My cat, Quorra. (posted previously)

G1X - 1/60s f/5.0 at 39.1mm iso640 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • Golden Orb Weaving Spider. (posted previously)

G1X - 1/200s f/5.6 at 55.8mm iso500 (Auto) + 250D Closeup Filter ...Macro: ON

  • NOTE: This picture has received post processing in Lightroom4 to enhance color, levels, noise levels and sharpness.


Using the 250D on your G1X is fairly straightforward.

Your maximum Macro distance is STILL no closer than 8 inches, even with the 250D fitted. But as you zoom in or zoom out with the 250D perched on the end of your lens, you'll find that Bokeh (blur) is increased dramatically on shots where zoom is near maximum. Or where the subject has a bit of distance from the background details. You can also shoot very wide (about as wide as normal Macro without the filter).

You will find that as you zoom in and out, the area that is in focus become more narrow on stronger zooms. You will need to shift your camera slightly as you zoom in and out but it's easy to get used to. If you can't lock focus, extend your hand and place your thumb near the lens and your furthest finger near the subject... that's close to 8 inches. Watch through the LCD to see if your subject is sharp or soft. You will get a green AF rectangle with a positive chirp when focus is achieved.

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