Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

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Re: Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

Yes I looked at the full res version as well. Not sure if I get the point you're trying to make here, but wouldn't you say the downsized version is less blurry than the 100% one? Do you then agree with me when I claim that higher MP is therefore more demanding than lower MP?

Just to be clear, I'm not critizising the photo or the photographer in anyway. I think even the full res picture is great in terms of sharpness. All I'm saying is that to produce a sharp image at viewed 100% with 36 MP you will need more stability than if you were to produce a sharp image viewed at 100% with only 12 MP (all else being equal). So, if viewing images at 100% is your thing, you may want to invest in a sturdy tripod if you upgrade from D700 to D800, since 100% has become more demanding due to the higher pixel count. However, as far as I know, the OP's handholding abilities together with 1/500 and VR may be sufficient stability to handle this increase in demand, even without a tripod.

For everyone who doesn't view their images only at 100% this is obviously a moot point, as the D800 should perform as well (or better) than the D700 at similar focal lengths and magnifications.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

Downsized? Did you not open up the link? Try looking again at the full res version he's put up on Flickr?


itzhak_ wrote:

I'm glad your camera and technique work well together, but to be honest, I would not expect a downsized image at 105mm 1/500 sec with VR on to show motion blur unless you mounted it on a jackhammer.

I'm pretty sure the point was that if you intend to view images at 100% a lot, then a 36 MP image could potentially show more motion blur than a 12 MP image of the same sensor size, simply because you're viewing the subject much closer (all else being equal). Sort of the same logic that applies to the fact that a 500mm lens needs higher shutter speeds than a 50mm lens.

I would say the higher shutter speeds only apply if you intend to crop a lot or print really large (and then view really close). For everyone else, whatever technique worked in the past will likely work just as well (or better) on a D800.

russbarnes wrote:

The more I shoot with the D800, the less I am buying into the notion that increased image blur applies. I just don't see how the same technique that I've used to fabulous success with a camera like the D700 suddenly became impossible to use when the D800 was launched. Of course it hasn't.

And I'm guessing there are plenty of others who agree with me too. I just don't understand some of the comment I've seen about how this is so hard with the D800 with ridiculous comment like "you can only shoot with a tripod", or "you now need ten times the focal length to achieve sharpness". Sloppy technique is sloppy technique - it shows up on any camera, even at 12MP.

Here's an example from today - handheld, PDAF auto-focus, VR on, nice sunny day but only ISO200. This isn't a fluke shot, I'm shooting handheld at least half the time even for subject matter like this... Take a look at the full size image here:


I'm posting this because I'm tired of reading the FUD from people who haven't come near this camera - if your shutter speed is moderate, incredible sharpness is achievable on anything.

Check out the bokeh and sharpness from the Nikon 105 too, I still say it has got to be one of THE lenses to buy for the D800, and it's a bargain by modern day pricing too.

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