X Pro-1 decision

Started May 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: X Pro-1 decision

Its really interesting the criticism the xpro1 is getting because of the focussing issues. Could I add my 2 cents here just to clarify 2 points

1) the x-pro1 is slower than you would like and low light it can hunt (so you sometimes end up having to manually focus, which is easy on the pro1)

2) the focus is 100% accurate - I had a d300 and was put off contrast detection because of the speed. But what didn't strike me until I got the xpro1 was how very accurate it is - far more than my old d300 and when you use the 35mm at 1.4 you need very accurate focus.

..and I sold all my nikon slr kit and have no desire to buy into that genre again, my xpro1 fits in my work trouser pocket even if it is bulky.

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