There are two hobbies here.

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There are two hobbies here.

Two hobbies, cameras/camera technology/camera marketing, henceforth referred to as CTM, and photography, henceforth pictures.

DPR used to actively try and exclude pictures from the CTM forums, thus making it clear they are CTM forums, but now they's changed tack, which, as a picture fan, I think is great, but it means some people get the wrong idea...

So, you have people interested in CTM, people interested in pictures, and people interested in both (like me).

And less obviously you have people interested in CTM only as it relates to pictures, and people interested in pictures only as they relate to CTM. And we all have to get along.

Who cares who makes the OM-D sensor? People with an interest in CTM, that's whom (and not the ones who only care in as far as it affects their photos).

Why do people post technically perfect photos of amazingly dull things? Because they are interested in the colour signature of their camera, and not "art", which they probably don't even recognise. What do you think of the colours?

Why do people post pictures not even done on an MFT camera? Perhaps because they are talking about art and the shot they have that illustrates their point is done on a different camera?

Nobody has to read a thread, and if the subject si of no interest to us, we can skip it. Baby pictures, abstracts, arguments about equivalence, speculation on sensor suppliers, all of these and many more are of no interest to a lot of people, so don't complain and gripe, read something else.

Why do I bring this up now? I posted yesterday a bit on the three great lies about MFT, which covers "equivalence" and the so called advantages of FF. It's close to full now, but a lot of bandwidth has been wasted by peopel complaining I posted in the first place. Look, it's simple - it's entirely on topic, so if it is of no interest to you don't read it , instead of wasting the limited 150 post space with silly whining about how it doesn't interest you. Do you go into libraries and complain you don't like the detective fiction section?

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