M-Monochrom vs D800E: fight!

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Re: M-Monochrom vs D800E: fight!

mhike wrote:

Why would I need a book for that?

I'm looking at it with my own eyes and that's what I feel when I see them. I feel the Leica's shots are inferior.

Or is this like Jeep, but with Leica and it's a leica thing and I wouldn't understand?

If you need to indicate to read a book, then the difference you are stating isn't really there. I know, for a fact, that I like the Nikon shots better.
lxstorm wrote:

No one has to read any photography related book or forum but might if he/she curios enough about photography to sacrifice some spare time.

Absolutely agreed Nikon DSLRs are the best choice overall especially in compare with M taking into account auto-focus and automated scenic modes on Nikon body and that new D800 looks absolutely superb.

Moreover if somebody likes IQ of a his Lumia or Xperia better than that is coming from a flagship DSLR that is an absolutely valid personal statement too.

BTW your own (as any human) eyes contains two "sensors" a color one that captures image at bright light and a B&W one that works at dusk (and M was designed to be used at dusk).

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