Best lens for Landscape photography on GF1?

Started May 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best lens for Landscape photography on GF1?

If you want to keep things compact (like your 20mm) then I'd go for the 14- it's relatively cheap, (I got mine 'new' on ebay uk- separated from a kit) for about 130 euros... it's pretty fast, with good sharpness and contrast. It's my 'walk around' lens for my GF1 as I do 90% or so of my shots at wide-angle. I have the 14-45 zoom too, it's a very good lens as reported but it's also about 3 times the length of the 14 and not internally zooming, so at 90mm it's pretty looong. Very sharp at mid aperture though.

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