Carbon printing

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Carbon printing

I am going to buy the Epson R3000 that will be used for my B&W artwork.

I would love to work with Carbon inks in several shades to achieve a very smooth result.

I have investigated several options for an alternative ink system based on the so-called 'Piezography' workflow, in where all color inks will be replaced for blacks in several shades. I know about John Cone's Piezography inks, but this is a pretty expensive investment. Besides that, I live in Europe and found a very great alternative;

-This is a German site who sells pure Carbon inks up to 8 shades. While for the Cone inks you will need a RIP like Quad Tone, this site suggest a different workflow ( ).

-It boils down to keeping the image file in RGB (AdobeRGB1998), while making it B&W with a layer channel, but keeping it in RGB. Then just use the print command and so on.

I don't really understand this workflow, will all the shades of grey be used in this approach, just like it would with Quad Tone RIP? And how to fine-tune the print?

Another approach will be working with Quad Tone RIP. But I don't have a profile to load into QTR, like the pre-made files QTR has for Cone inks. And even if I would use Cone inks QTR does not have an Epson R3000 profile as far as I can see.. (Only for K3).

Can I still work with QTR in combi with these Carbon German inks or do I need profiling equipment to make QTR work with this ink?

Thank you for your time, I hope someone can help me out, I am new to this.

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