Pentax QC - A wake up call?

Started May 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Pentax QC - A wake up call?

I'm with you on this Sinan. I've had Pentax gear for 30 years, but am about to jump ship, solely because of QC issues. My 16-50 DA has just gone in for repair for the third time - the barrels have come very loose (they have jammed twice before, the first time right after purchase), the weather-sealing is stripping off the zoom-ring, the SDM has died again... it is falling apart so badly I do not expect it to be worth repairing, and it has been used pretty lightly.

My DA 50-135 is in because the SDM, always sticky from when I bought it, seems to be dying. Otherwise an excellent lens.

My DA 12-24 is in for repair because the front barrel now has around 2 mm play in it, and it no longer focusses accurately at infinity - that's after owning it 6 years, but using it very occasionally. No knocks, it looks like new.

But getting accurate focus on different Pentax bodies has been a headache, and I find my eyes cannot manage manual focus accurately, even on the K5.

I am also finding the reliability of focus - and, so far, the QC on lenses - in Panasonic M43 kit a relief. It's a shame - I still love Pentax design and colour, and the quality of DA limiteds, FA, A, M and K lenses.

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