Focus peaking very accurate, Snail eye (1pic)

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Re: Focus peaking very accurate, Snail eye (1pic)

Says Gazooma.

ET2 wrote:

Meshuggah wrote:

ET2 wrote:

I tried focus peaking (in a shop with A57, as no one carries Pentax cameras here), and yes it works really good, but if the light is low or it's a low contrast part of the image, the focus magnifier worked much better (100% of the time).

By the way, both focus peaking and focus magnifier work even better with EVF. I see this a clear plus for EVF over OVF.

now if they could only make up for the probable 3 stops disadvantage you may actually convince somebody to buy a sony.

Only in your fantasy land they are three stops behind. Changing usernames can't help you hide your identity, MaxISO, as your "intelligence" shines through every username that you use.

It's the law of probability. No two people can be equally this stupid on one forum. That's your problem

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