The BEST keyboard for typing

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Re: My choice after trying many different ones...

Birk Binnard wrote:

is the Logitech Lighted Keyboard. It doesn't click but does have good key-travel, tactile feedback, and 3 levels of lighting so it's easy to use at night. It also has a whole row of programmable function keys which are very convenient.

This keyboard is even better than the old IBM 3270 keyboard which I used to think was the best on ever - though not at all available for PC use.
Birk Binnard

Agree. There are 2 versions of the Logitech wireless lighted keyboard. I got the K800. Best keyboard I have ever owned. I coupled it with the Logitech wireless trackball (M570). Loved that combo so much, that I outfitted the other 2 computers in my home network with the same rig. Expensive, but well worth the money IMO.

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