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Egglestonworks wrote:

Pentax shooters, I'm curious, what is the appeal of Pentax to you? : ) I noticed they aren't the fastest cameras, nor full frame nor are they the most durable, nor the highest resolution yet Pentax still survives and thrives whereas something like Minolta has already fallen by the wayside.

Is it the history, the ergonomics, the "alternative-ness" of it? I'm curious. For the record I shoot with Canon but I've always had a sentimental soft spot for Pentax, and frankly I have no idea why since I've never used any of their cameras.

i dont own one, yet, but i will soon. after months of research, ive found pentax to be built very solid actually, one of the best. nowhere can you find a mirrorless that feels like the k-01, and its not bc of the empty space behind the lens. weather sealing all, newer models have great iso performance, i like the non retro look of the cameras. i also like a smaller line bc it seems they play less niche games you know, for example the k5 is the locked and loaded flagship, yet can be had for under a grand now, and has been at 1200 for a good while. thats a lot of quality for a very low price.

just seems like pentax isnt here just to make money, they want people to love their cameras. maybe in the end that will make then money, but i like that strategy better than having dozens of cameras for every single price point. will it last? probly not, but im enjoying it right now.

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