Unusual nude shoot with D3

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Re: Unusual nude shoot with D3

You expose for everything outside of the mirror. The mirror is meaningless.

Then you take another picture and place only the subject in the mirror of the previous picture layer.

Then you adjust both layers until they appear to be a real reflection. You can't use the mirror though really, because they are horribly cheap glass and have streaks all over them and it literally takes more time with the model to get a mirror shot than it does to just do it later in post processing. So the whole thing is completely faked and why not, it's a fake already, and so are most wedding photos as well. Everything is a set up of some shot someone has seen done somewhere else. There's very little natural photography left anymore. Those days are mostly done with, or otherwise just a result of someone machine-gunning a wedding with 2000 shots or something.

But anyway, that's how you do it.

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