HELP talk me out of buying a new D700 Why does this happen to me !

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Re: D600 price is not certain

I agree. Something's gotta give if it's priced below $2k especially if it's closer to $1.5k.

Don't get me wrong, if a D600 surfaces, it'll out-spec the D700 in almost every single way.

Nikon has always done that, eg. D300 out-doing D2xs and the D7000 outdoing the D300s subsequently.

But a D2Xs's still better built than a D300 which is better built than a D7000 although the sensor improvements out-shine the loss in build quality.

In this case, if the D700 sensor performance is already good enough, will the improved bells and whistles features of a potential D600 make it a better buy than a D700 if it gives up build quality, among other things to get it to the low price point?

The answer will be different for everyone but IMO, the D700 has already hit a performance point that subsequent canera improvements will yield little practical improvements to one's photography except for the best photographers who are pushing their camera limits.

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