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Re: M9 "Attention Shutter Fault" ...

I just sent my M8 for repair for exactly the same reason. I just sent it a couple of months before that due to that "vertical line" problem...that one was repaired free of charge but that went through Calumet (where i bought the camera from).

Last week, I went to Leica NJ in person and explained to them (calmly) that the camera just went through a repair not too long ago for a different problem...and I did tell them that the repair went through the warranty where I bought from.

Leica NJ said they're going to fix it for free (yay!)...I suppose they could have charged me for the repair...but I would have been upset since it would be due to a technicality..

I LOVE the camera and barely touched my D700 since I acquired it...but I agree the reliability of Digital Ms seems questionable (I've read waaay too many forum threads on "shutter failure") and I'm not going to buy one without a warranty.

Bryan Campbell wrote:

I had ordered a used M9 off of eBay from a seller with good ratings. The M9 had some brassing but was advertised as being in perfectly working condition. I used the M9 here and there for 4 days and it seemed fine. The first real opportunity to use it throughout the day and evening came up on day 6 when I was to travel to Chicago.

About 45 minutes after walking downtown I get took a photo and notice the screen says "Attention Shutter Fault"... The camera is no longer functioning, but no need to panic right? Shortly after I decided to google this error message to see what I can find. Some people recommended trying a different battery, some a different memory card... I had 3 different memory cards with me and 4 batteries. I tried several different combinations and nothing worked. I put it back in my camera bag and gave up for the day resigning that I would need to use my iPhone and my girlfriend's point & shoot for the remainder of the trip.

I messaged the seller that day and asked to return the item as there is no reason this should happen less than a week of me using it, and the 1st full day it received any significant usage at all. Sold anywhere this would be considered a defective product, and eBay is no differently especially when the seller advertized that they accept returns. There was a heated discussion between a few emails but finally he graciously accepted that this camera can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping cost). This is fine with me.

Anyway, when packing up my M9 I noticed a little rattle sound inside the camera as if something internally as been broken. It would assume that this is related to the shutter fault message I'm getting. Does anyone have an idea of what could have happened and what part might have been broke? Is this related to shutter count? Also is this something that is common?

I have owned a 20d, 40d, 2 5D2's, Leitz Minolta CL, Leica m8, and several point & shoots and have never had any issues with these cameras faulting. I also baby my equipment and am super careful. I took photos showing that this was in the same condition as the eBay sellers photos he posted upon sale. So this is definitly not something I did wrong.

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