Which lense for NikonD7000...?

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Re: Which lense for NikonD7000...?

avid eye wrote:

Hi all, I’m planning to buy a Nikon D7000. I am in dilemma about which lense to buy. I can spend 20500 INR (400 USD). The lense can be a all-in-one zoom lense or the one that has any focal length between 18mm and 200 or 300mm. My expectations are,
1. I should reach the distant objects
2. I should be able to shoot fast moving things around.
3.good image quality
Please suggest.
Thank you.

Those are three unusual qualities to seek if one only has one lens. If I am going to take you literally, you seem to want a telephoto zoom (satisfying #1) with good af (#2) that is above the level of a kit lens in terms of iq. The typical 55-2/300 satisfy #1 but are not always so quick to focus. The 70-300 zoom offered by Nikon and Tamron both satisfy all three criteria but only the Tamron falls within your budget brand new. I have one and it is great. My only question is what will you do for all those midrange focal lengths? Is covering those fl's not a concern?



I didn't notice this is an old thread. It would be more appropriate to ask what the op has done.

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