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Superior value and innovation...

Superior value derives from several things.

1) The little guys HAVE to provide a serious value to interest new buyers

2) As Pentax, Olympus and others do not try to clog the market with 6 different tiers of camera you don't have all the unnecessary de-featuring that goes on with Canon or Nikon. I mean really... a DSLR without bracketing! A DSLR without spot metering! Those kinds of decisions are just grotesque considering these are basic features on just about every reasonable P&S. You won't find these kinds of sickening marketing decisions with Pentax or other smaller brands. For a $1000 you get the K-5 with every capability they could throw into it. Try to touch it's feature list and performance for less than $3000 in Canon or Nikon.

Superior innovation is again because the little guys HAVE to innovate.

Where did we get auto-focus, wireless flash control, effective imager dust control, in-body image stabilization, etc... Not from Canon or Nikon. They can sit back and rely on their names to sell product and often do. Pentax allows you to set both aperture and shutter speed and still have auto exposure based on variable ISO. Find that great feature on another brand. Pentax allows you to use 37 year old manual lenses and doesn't just give you focus confirmation, it automatically releases the shutter when focus is achieved. Find that in another brand.

So yeah, I root the little guy but not without reason. The little guy usually returns the favor whereas the big guy makes it clear you are fortunate to be hanging out in their popular crowd (or to have a camera with their name on the front).

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