Pentax QC - A wake up call?

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Pentax QC - A wake up call?

IF DPR's review of the K-01 isn't a wake up call concerning Pentax quality control then I don't know what is.

Of course I'm referring to the abysmal state of the lenses they attempted to use.

It makes you wonder how many below par lenses there are out there. I guess manufacturers figure that most won't notice an issue unless it is seriously bad and then, and only then, they'll deal with it.

And the end of the day the company bean counters do the math and decided which in areas savings can be made, obviously skimping on QC is a major cost saver.

If it is human error at the factory causing these ongoing QC issues one would think in this day and age there would be some kind of automated calibration/assembly system that could ensure consistent high QC standards?

In the end the consumer hands over his money hoping he doesn't get a dud. And it appears there is quite a fair chance that he will get a 'dud'.

Seems to me until the end user demands better standards from manufacturers little will change.

Strangely enough many (fanboys) seem content to make excuses citing similar QC problems with other manufacturers.

So as long as all manufacturers have equally poor QC standards across the board that makes it okay? Is that it?

Even DPR cited this as, what appeared to me to be, an... "Oh well, sh*t happens!" type of statement.

Not good enough IMO!

Pentax K-01
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