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Re: A slight optical difference

mmullen wrote:

graphikal wrote:

mmullen wrote:

No one said the color and contrast were poor, just that their is a considerable difference between the two (especially when shooting into the light).

Addressable in post, always.

That reminds me of people who say the lens doesn't have to be sharp - it can be sharpened in PP. While it's true that an image that has veiling flare can be improved in PP, it will never look as good as an image that didn't have the issue to begin with. Veiling flare reduces dynamic range and you can't get it back. It also affects different parts of the image differently and requires extensive masking for the best possible fix. Which still isn't as good as getting the shot right to begin with.

I just think you're blowing any potential issues here waaaaaay out of proportion, like some other posters here. Does that perfect storm of difficult shooting conditions, where somewhat of an improvement in flare etc. would make a substantial difference for that image, justify such a price hike? You (who have already made your purchasing decision and obviously intend to strongly stand behind it) feel one way; others feel another.

Fair enough, I don't try to tell people how much $$ something is worth to them - that's a very personal decision. Personally, I wouldn't want a lens in this range without excellent image stabilization. But if you are always on a tripod or shooting fast action it doesn't make much difference.

To me, the possible image quality differences at 200mm, with or without a TC, would be most important, not stabilization-- but that's because I am trying to pick a lens to be my do-it-all lens for field sports for a while. After looking at the samples again, I would never even try to put a 2X TC on the old f/2.8L or IS I. But then I might be better served by a 100-400 or 100-300 anyway, when it comes down to it-- it'd suit my budget better and be far better than an older zoom with a TC.

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