On line photography course?

Started May 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Fotomaker01 New Member • Posts: 4
Re: Online photography course?

Jim, Have you tried doing searches for various photography 'how to' topics on YouTube (it's free)? I'm assuming you already read your manual all the way through with your T3i at hand to test the various features and buttons. If what you're looking for now is more the aesthetics and techniques for capturing shots as you'd like then search YouTube on topics: Exposure, Composition, Lighting - to start. Each of those has many sub-parts. Once you get the capture part more firmly in your grip, then you can move on to post-processing topics... Check some of the more 'pro' vs. consumer camera shops in your area. They often run educational classes on various topics (geared to different levels of expertise). And the website: Digital Photography School has various tips and tutorials. Good luck!

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