7D shutter too slow above 1/2000'

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Re: 7D shutter too slow above 1/2000'

Out of waranty. Everything else is working 100% ok, so I'm really not worried, up to 1/2000' is fine for 99.99% of my needs!

I have a 5D2 as well, so if it does give up completely I'll be ok whilst it gets repaired.

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Yes.. you could just keep using it the way it is... for a while at least. But my concern would be that it is in the middle of failing, and you cannot predict how long it will keep working that way. Next month, it could be down to 1/1000, etc. If you still have any warranty, use it now to get it fixed. If warranty has expired... Then I would probably do the same thing you said, and keep using it until it quit and really needed to go in for repair... Unless I were overly stuffed with cash. :))

Best of luck.

Le Kilt wrote:

I don't often need or want to shoot faster than 1/2000', and it's fine up to that, even at 8fps (which rocks!), so if nothing gets worse I'll keep using it as is for the moment, then replace it with a 1D-X and 800mm L. Well, maybe

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kind regards

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