thanks nikon for screwing me out of work tonigh!!!!!!

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Re: thanks nikon for screwing me out of work tonigh!!!!!!

petefish wrote:

poor planning!?!?!? your right cuz i always plan on my shutter blowing out a month before the season, and nikon taking their sweet a$$ time to fix a shutter. backup plan, sorry, some people have to actually save money to do certain things like pay back my school loans, $1800 a month, oh or rent $1200, car payment $300. this i my second year shooting with the team and let me clarify that last year i was an intern getting paid dick, i was hired on the beginning of this season. wouldnt be shooting for a major league baseball team if i didnt know what the hell i was doing. hopefully next life ill be born rich instead of good looking

What? You're a professional photographer and only have one body? Come on, get real.
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