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Re: Well, as they say....

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

zigorus wrote:

sorry, but no way an M9 has any need of an iPhone 4S display. waste of money, power, resources to jam something like that in there. there are times when i'd rather not have any LCD at all.


On most cameras these days you can turn the LCD off.. is that on option on the M9? If so, turn it off and you'll have your perfect camera.

that's not quite the same thing, jim. the M9 LCD only illuminates when you're doing something with it specifically, which is relatively infrequent in my shooting. you don't have to turn it off.

the X2 LCD is a bigger part of the camera use experience when you are not using a viewfinder, but i suspect that most users will use one or the other viewfinder most of the time such that the LCD is a lesser part of the user experience.


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