Took my unbella out at night

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Simon Stanmore Senior Member • Posts: 1,260
Re: Took my unbella out at night

1) I use a 100mm f/2 a lot. This lens and every other one I have goes in to professional AF calibration with the body... Very few lenses can AF accurately without this procedure. When using lenses with large apertures close to wide-open this is especially important (if you AF - I usually MF). Even if you lens/body is correctly calibrated the movement you make to move the subjects point-of-focus away from the cameras focus point can easily take the subject back out of focus at wide apertures... the fail safe technique is MF.

2) If you're shooting at night it only seems reasonable that the photos look like they're taken at night - Otherwise what's the point? Your shots are too tight and incorrectly exposed to clearly reveal the night time environment. Work out your exposure for the ambient. If necessary gel your flash to get close to the artificial ambient... and show some environment. With your framing you might as well remove the technicalities of night shooting and work in a studio.

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