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tired of reading all this nonsense

what all these complaints about what Leica provides and what Leicas cost seem to miss is that the alleged Leica defenders are smart enough to understand what they are buying and choose to buy it. i can't speak for all Leica owners, nor the illusory potential owners , but i simply don't care about what you bashers are all up in arms about.

so i can only say to all of you once again: if the camera is not what you want, why do you continue to post all this tripe and tell others who like the cameras that they're being foolish? surely you have better things to do with your life than tilt windmills about a camera company.

those who like the equipment and accept the prices are not stupid. i know it's expensive. but it does what i want in a way that other cameras do not, so i pay the price and use it to make photographs. i don't think the camera is anything more than a camera, a good one, with all its own unique warts and goodness that suits my needs and desires.

it seems that you who complain so loudly must have some chip on your shoulder, some envy or craziness that you really want a Leica branded thing but you don't like what Leica is making or you can't afford it. i don't understand that. if i didn't like what Leica was making or couldn't afford it, i'd just buy something i liked and go use it. i certainly wouldn't pony up $7000 for an M9 if i felt its warts were more disadvantage than it had in good qualities. i wouldn't pay $2000 for an X2 if i felt that there was another camera which did what i wanted better either.

i can list about a dozen things off the top of my head that i'd like to see as improvements on the M9, it's not at all perfect, but they don't matter since i like the rest of what it is, even at the exorbitant price, enough to enjoy it. the same is likely true of the X2 but since i don't own one yet and i'm not sure yet whether i'll buy one, i can only speculate about that which is just another mechanism for passing gas as you bashers are doing. i prefer not to do that.

that's the last i have to say on this silliness. i have work to do and can't afford to waste any more time on whether you like or dislike Leica, its cameras' features, or the prices they charge for them. i might not return to this forum since it is proving to be such a basher haven that there's little conversation of a real nature.


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