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Re: Yuk!

Tim39 wrote:

Unaware of the problem, so I just had to give it a try.

Speaking of unaware, anyone know what the heck led to deletion of Painterdude's 'Anyone want my 770' thread? All I can come up with is the powers-that-be considered it an ad, but I surely didn't see it as one.

Tim, sometimes the mods will move threads; they used to move the sharing type threads quite frequently. I looked in the 'for sale and wanted' section but the post was not there. As a note, I didn't follow the thread - but then again, I don't follow most threads here. I follow my comments to threads that I prefer to comment upon.

I'm not bothered by the posting issue because I prefer the other areas of DPR - like the comparsion tool, reviews, news and so forth but I have made posts before when the issue existed, and it was frustrating.

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