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Re: Pentax appeal

Wheatfield wrote:

Till you've tried quality 3rd party glass maybe you'd believe what you said
But try the

Sigma 85 1.4, 50 1.4, 300 F2.8, 500 f4.5, 400 telemacro and I sure you'd change your mind

Not using 3rd party glass is like chopping off your left arm because your right handed.

You don't get it. Those lenses are all available in mounts for cameras that have much higher performance standards than Pentax.

In certain ways that matter to certain people, perhaps. But how many of those cameras with "higher performance standards" will offer stabilization with any of those lenses? How many of them offer weather sealed bodies at the same price points as Pentax? How many of them offer those standards in a size comparable to the Pentax bodies you might be comparing against? How many even offer a Green button, much less Sv or TAv modes, or hyper program / manual modes? How many meter with older lenses? How many can even mount older lenses? How many offer a AA option?

There is more to life than AF speed. Some people actually care about these other factors a lot. So it is just plain wrong to say there are no reasons other than Pentax lenses to use Pentax. They are but one (well, many, actually) of a number of reasons. So you personally don't care about about anything but lenses and, apparently, AF speed (the only respect in which I can imagine you would be claiming the D7000 "runs circles" around the K-5). Others care about about much more.

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