HELP talk me out of buying a new D700 Why does this happen to me !

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Re: HELP talk me out of buying a new D700 Why does this happen to me !

Funduro wrote:

OK yes I was a little overly dramatic there. Should I buy a new D700 this week or what till possibly November to get my hands on the rumored D600?

Depends on how important it is to you to shoot with an excellent camera right now or wait for something that will be better in some respects but worse in others.

If you liked the D300s, then you'll love the D700.

As for the D600, it's debatable whether build quality will be on par with the D700.

39pt AF vs. a 51pt pro AF system that is rock solid. Proven. No issues.

The D600 will most likely shoot 5fps given this is as fast as the D800 shoots in 1.2x crop. Like your D300s, the D700 with an MB-D10 can shoot 8fps, making it far more versatile for sport, wildlife, etc.

Do you need video?

Most importantly, the D700 is real. It's not vaporware. You can walk into a store and pick it up. I remember following all the D800 rumors during 2009-2011 where many said they were putting off purchasing a D700. That's a good 2-3 years they missed out on taking photos with it and even now they're probably still waiting.

The D600 might be announced later in the year but demand should far exceed what we've seen with the D800 so how long will the wait be this time around?

I have both a D700 and D800 and for a lot of jobs and general photography, I prefer the D700. Taking photos of everyday people who aren't models with flawless skin and professional hair and makeup look better on the D700.

With the D800, opening up the files to 100% I feel like a dermatologist examining every single pore. Retouching requires more care. It burns through memory card and hard drive space. There is absolutely no upside unless I'm printing larger than A3 and need to show very fine detail.

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