Canon 28mm 1.8 on a t2i questions and concerns

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Sean Clark Regular Member • Posts: 108
Re: Canon 28mm 1.8 on a t2i questions and concerns

One of your problems is dynamic range greater than the sensor can capture reliably.

First, evaluate whether the noise is visible at the size you display the pictures. If it's only visible at 100%, don't worry about it unless you're planning to print posters.

Try noise reduction to see if you can reduce the noise to an acceptable level without damaging the detail in the shot to an objectionable level.

Shoot in raw mode. Add one or two stops positive exposure compensation, allowing specular highlights to clip. You will capture much better shadow detail at the expense of highlights. If those highlights don't have important detail then it's a good trade. Process the raw image and pull back the extra stop of light you added when you captured the image. You may find that simply allowing the brightest areas to clip is enough. There is no 'correct' exposure, only the exposure that matches your intended vision.

I notice the example pictures don't have any moving subjects. Use a tripod, take a brighter and darker exposure. Blend them together using layering image software or (carefully used) HDR software.

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