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Re: 70-200 2.8L non-IS

Give me some numbers in terms of improvement of resolution, color accuracy, etc. based upon direct comparison between the non-IS 70-200 2.8 and the IS I and IS II. What is the measurable effect from the changes in materials and focus speeds? Your assumption is that the materials changes and AF changes substantially improved lens performance in later lenses. In my former business we had to prove such assumptions in order to do valid research. As I said as long as I am getting usable pictures from my current lens I am satisfied. I was told many times "The best is the enemy of the good" in my former profession.. The more mature a product becomes the harder it is to make increasingly difficult to achieve incremental improvements (except for marketing purposes) and the cost curve for those improvements usually goes up exponentially. I believe the Mark II is better but where will it show in actual product? So Dan used an f4. I think he adequately stated his position where they are all outstanding lenses including the the f4. This argument amounts to the long ago debate about "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin". In my former photo business upgrading to the Mark II would not have made one iota of difference in the look of the product I sold to my customers at least so as they could notice it. My equipment test when I had my former business was twofold. Would what I was buying pay for itself or, more rarely, would it substantially make my work easier or better? Upgrading my current old 70-200 did not satisfy either of those requirements. Look you obviously are knowledgable and you may be right but you haven't truly proven it at least to the standards I am used to in aviation research. What bothers me generally about these forums is that there are so many supposedly "expert" statements that are not substantiated by fact. I still like Dan's pictures and I still agree with his statement that in real world application any of these lenses is highly effective; even my fifteen year old one. My 70-200 does not have IS. They weren't making it in '97. Perhaps I should not have let myself get sucked into this discussion. You guys are really above my pay grade.

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