Existing Ambient Light in Potential Home Studio Space

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
kgbruce01 Senior Member • Posts: 1,245
Take a shot at max sync/lowest ISO - is it black? Good. (nt)

andrewbdub wrote:

How much ambient light is too much in a studio?

I've recently moved to a house that has a room big enough to hold a home studio. However, the room does have a reasonable amount of ambient light, about 90% of which comes from West-facing floor-to-ceiling windows. I could get some dark curtains or external shading for these windows, but would still be left with some light coming in via a skylight, up a stairwell and through a small side widow.

I don't want to buy a set of lights, backdrops, etc only to find that I need to restrict my shooting to after sunset. Any advice, thoughts, input would be greatly appreciated.

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