Ixus 500 HS (elph 520 HS)

Started Jan 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
james_the_first Regular Member • Posts: 304
Re: Ixus 500 HS (elph 520 HS)

Resurrecting this thread as I have a follow on question related to sensor size

both the Ixus 500 (guess that is the elph 520) and the Ixus 510 (elph 530) have presumably the same optics, but different sensor sizes

so they can't have the same equivalent focal lengths - dpr quotes them as the same

either the sensor size is wrong - which I suspect it is because there aren't any other 1/3 sensors in camera out there

or the focal length calculations are wrong - which may just be laziness

or they have genuinely different glass and mechanical systens (which seems to me the least likely)

ideas anyone?


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