SX 40 Settings in P Mode

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Re: Use shortcut button

stef wrote:

I don't believe that you can assign any functions to the wheel. When shooting and looking through the viewfinder, I have my thumb on the textured thumb rest and just move down slightly to turn on the exposure compensation function by pressing on the top of the wheel and then it can be left on so that it is visible in the viewfinder if needed. Usually, I will set it at -1/3 when it is pretty bright and just leave it there but turn off the exposure compensation in the display so it is out sight. If I get into a more shaded light I will set it to 0.


Thanks for your reply. Guess one press to turn on exposure compensation before being able to adjust it isn't too bad. I'm just spoiled by my FZ50 which allows assigning exposure compensation to the wheel on the front right of the camera.

On the SX40HS, if you have the live histogram displayed and you press the top of the wheel to allow adjusting exposure compensation, does the live histogram remain viewable while adjusting exposure compensation?

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