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RealXenuis wrote:

I agree..and if you read my post again you'll see that. I'll just restate for clarity:

I'll never understand the compulsion to post a "why I decided ...." thread starter.

It's a statement.

Does the OP need justification of his/her thought process? It's at best a strange compulsion.

I won't mention the fact that they're posting about why they're selling a Fuji camera for another brand IN a Fuji forum. If you do an 8 second search in these forums, you'll find that 99.9% of the time similar threas were started either insincerely (to stir up rather pointless brand arguments usually) or in a clumsy and confusing attempt at some sort of therapy, they manage to bring out every troll lurking here.

So yeah, I see topics like this and I question it every time. Why post it? What is the purpose of it, for the OP? I think that's a fair question.

threeOh wrote:

I'll never understand the compulsion to post a "why i decided camera sucked way and sold it for camera" thread starter. It's a statement.

Its not a statement about the camera, its a statement about his buying decision. As an NEX 5n and an X100 family, it will be interesting to see how quick his next post will be. And there's more than ample evidence on the web that the 7's resolution does not buy comparable IQ.

I quite enjoyed his post. Isn't it good to talk, to share knowledge?

I also appreciated his balanced view the many positive and balanced comments with hardly a troll in site which is increasingly rare for dpreview.

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