X200 On the way? Any Rumors?

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Re: X200 On the way? Any Rumors?

Initially I found the controls a little fiddly too (especially the aperture ring which felt too small for my large hands) but I soon got used to them and they feel really intuitive now. The two customisable buttons help (I set mine to ISO and ND filter), and of course there are all the little un-documented button presses/functions that make the camera even easier to use! Have a look at the tips at http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php?/topic/251-x100-tips-and-tricks/
My favourites are:

1. Double tap the macro button (without your eye leaving the viewfinder) then half press the shutter to confirm and you are straight into macro mode.

2. Or put the camera in manual focus and use the AE/AF button to focus which includes the macro focussing range without entering macro mode.

It's not rocket science for sure, but there are little bits like that which make the camera very easy to use with just the exterior controls.

To be honest, I'm not sure now what they could improve with an X200. Maybe the quick menu but I only go in the menu to format the card now. Environmental sealing and improved build quality would be welcome. What would you want an X200 to do that the X100 doesn't?
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