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Pentax shooters, I'm curious, what is the appeal of Pentax to you? : ) I noticed they aren't the fastest cameras, nor full frame nor are they the most durable, nor the highest resolution yet Pentax still survives and thrives whereas something like Minolta has already fallen by the wayside.

Is it the history, the ergonomics, the "alternative-ness" of it? I'm curious. For the record I shoot with Canon but I've always had a sentimental soft spot for Pentax, and frankly I have no idea why since I've never used any of their cameras.

The lenses. What I don't understand is people who buy a Pentax body and then use third party glass.
The only reason to use Pentax is the glass.

Wot those weedy little pancakes, You get a small body so your 'mans' lens looks bigger
Till you've tried quality 3rd party glass maybe you'd believe what you said
But try the

Sigma 85 1.4, 50 1.4, 300 F2.8, 500 f4.5, 400 telemacro and I sure you'd change your mind

Not using 3rd party glass is like chopping off your left arm because your right handed.

You don't get it. Those lenses are all available in mounts for cameras that have much higher performance standards than Pentax. A Nikon D7K runs circles around a K5 for similar money (I've used both and know of what I speak).

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