Pentax appeal

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Re: Pentax appeal

Shhh - don't say anything. Why is everyone giving the game away - we know how good the system is and the critical nature of the forum shows us that the average pentax user is a very keen photographer, rather than uninitiated. Sure we love the practical nature of these cameras and their design is geared towards users not posers, but we don't need to let the great unwashed know.

Photographers will find Pentax, Olympus, Hassleblad's, etc. - let the rest worry about their brand bling and gimmicks. Sometimes I worry that people buy Pentax becasue someone else says its cool - it's not and never will be. They just work well, are a bargain and that is fine by me. I shudder to think of the day someone says I bought one because Robbie Williams used one in an ad...

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