Canon 24-105 vs ???

Started May 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
cyrano Contributing Member • Posts: 896
How often would you use f/2.8?

jcgraphics77 wrote:

I'm about to take the leap to FF and get the 5D2 or 3. I'd like a good all around lens for events/weddings. Best for groups, portraits, candids, etc.

I shoot lots of events, using 5D2s and a 1D4.

For group shots, f/2.8 is useless -- unless you're OK with some faces sharp and others soft. Depth of focus at f/2.8 for normal group-shot working distances just isn't sufficient to get everyone in focus. For event work, I typically shoot at f/5.6, and try to get f/8 if possible, to ensure everyone in my group shots will be tack-sharp.

If you're shooting as a hobbyist, and getting a relatively low percentage of keepers is OK, then shooting by available light is fine, and the extra stop of the 24-70 will be invaluable. But, if you're taking a client's money in return for a commitment to deliver a set of great images, then you can't plan to shoot everything by available light -- and when you add a speedlite to the equation, the 24-105 wins by virtue of the extra reach.

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